Dec 2, 2016

Abu Dhabi Tour- Promising Endless Experiences

Abu Dhabi is the capital city in UAE, located just off to the Island of the Persian Gulf consists traditional as well as modern architecture. It features well equipped, safe and spacious shopping malls which offers opportunities of shopping and fine dining. Abu Dhabi has become a perfect place with golden beaches, water parks and traditional landmarks which make it a popular holiday destination. Amazing man-made wonders offer gigantic views of the city where numerous wildlife parks, buildings, sky scrapers and theme parks are designed to entertain locals and tourists. It has the best adventure park with thrilling rides, family entertainment and many recreational activities that offers the best experience for the visitors across the world. The best key places of your interest promises an endless experience and offers the birds-eye view of the surrounding areas.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The mosque is the major sight-seeing attraction that features the capacity to accommodate around 41,000 worshippers. An awe-spring building consists the minarets, reflective pools, magnificent architecture and imposing domes which gives a glimpse of the Islamic culture. The largest mosque in UAE where visitors of every region are also allowed to enter. The resting place on the ground of the mosque is designed in the architectural style. A center for learning and discovering the cultural activities is established as a structure of the Islamic world with historical and modern values.

Yas Island:

Yas Island is one of the top destinations in Abu Dhabi with sandy beach and Water Park which is a perfect spot for the sunbathing or bask in the sun. The Island is considered a home to the activities such as Marina circuit & formula 1 racing. An amazing tourist spot with huge water parks which has unlimited fun and entertainment opportunities that excite the travelers. The emerging entertainment spot increase the excitement of the travelers with the exhilarating rides, attractions, shopping and dining experiences.

Ferrari world:

Ferrari world is an amusement park with the fastest roller coaster, thrilling rides and family friendly activities. The exciting place is built on the Yas Island which hosts the heart racing activities which give thrilling experience. The spacious park covers an area of around 86,000 square meter which offers an opportunity to drive along the Island to know about the history of the water world. The amazing theme park takes you on a pleasant and thrilling experience of enjoying the activities.

Abu Dhabi With Ferrari World Tour

Natural mangroves and pristine beaches

Abu Dhabi has the man-made Islands where natural gardens and pristine sandy beaches that takes you to enjoy at the beautiful spot. Explore the natural mangroves in Abu Dhabi which consists the most renowned feature that make it a pearl diving heritage. Private White sandy beaches, crystal clear water and amazing views in a refreshing breather attract visitors across the world. . Many public and private beaches offer opportunities to enjoy many water-sport recreational activities.

Sky Tower at Marina Mall:

The sky tower is a distinctive landmark, located at the walking distance from the Etihad tower which is geographically located at one of the most prominent areas. The ultra-modern sky tower features a unique choice of leisure, fashion and entertainment. It offers the 360 degree spectacular views of the ice rink and the entertainment area. The tower has the height equal to the 30 floor, consists an observation deck to present the beach views of the ocean. The mall has more over 400 stores with the cinema screen, bowling alley and entertaining attractions.

Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace is a popular landmark in Abu Dhabi which hosts cultural activities. The hotel is equipped with the conference area, luxurious rooms and dining area which is surrounded with the lawns and gardens. The palace is designed with gold, marble floor and patterned dome where a large conference center with auditorium capacity of over 40 meeting rooms and large terraces. The palace also includes the tennis court, water sports, outdoor pools and rugby pitch.

Dubai Emirates Towers

Heritage Village

The Heritage village is set near the gorgeous gardens that give visitors a glimpse of the traditional Emirati style which is known as the pleasant place to visit. A living museum is built in the heritage village which reflects the ancient Emirates featuring the tents, courtyard houses and workshops. The culture of the heritage village is employed as fishing, trading and agriculture. The heritage club and the traditional oasis offers the artifacts of the Emirate’s past. The best cultural spot is a family friendly attraction that offers things for the kids that displays the camels, Arabian Horses, falcons and goats. The heritage village has been changed into a pearl diving village which exhibits the jewelry and traditional weapons.

Heritage Village Dubai Tours

Observation Deck 300 at Etihad Towers

 An observation deck 300 is designed on the Etihad tower which gives the stunning views of the glittering skyline of the capital city. The observation deck is located on the 74th floor which offers the 360-degree views with fine dining and amazing afternoon tea. Gaze at the breathtaking structures and monuments with the taste of snacks, mocktails, small bites and tea which never make you get disappointed. Visit the observation deck 300, which provides the birds-eye views of Abu Dhabi and surrounding Islands.