Jul 11, 2019

Avoid These Common Mistakes when Visiting Bali for the First Time

People make the following mistakes when they visit Bali for the first time, such as some of the common oversights and slips, which may seem trivial at first, but can even ruin the holiday.

We have listed these to help you plan your Bali trip better and have a great time when you are on the islands. If you are confused about the itinerary, you can book the Bali tour package with the best Bali based Destination Management Company in India. Here are some of the common travel pitfalls that are very common on the first Bali trip.

Planning trip on the offseason:

Travelling choices vary significantly among tourists. Despite having tropical weather, Bali receives mostly sunny days all year round. So, you should know when it is the best time to get the most of Bali, without experiencing too much heat. Humidity levels are at their lowest from May to August. So, it is ideal for overland sightseeing with blue skies. It occasionally witnesses overcast skies and downpours from October to April. You may also visit during the months of cultural events like the Bali Kite Festival, i.e. from June to August. 


It is a common mistake when travelling in Bali. Before packing your fancy shoes or woolly jumpers, think twice. You may not be wearing them all the time. Frequent travellers usually prefer to travel lightly. In case you need a change of shorts, shirts, or sandals, there are so many shopping options in Bali for your convenience. Especially at the souvenir shops and art markets, you might be haggling around to add to the holiday experience.

Exchanging too much money before travelling:

Changing large amounts of money at bad exchange rates is one of the common mistakes you can do in your home country. You actually don’t have to do this as exchange rates are almost better in Bali. In addition, most restaurants and hotels accept credit cards with MasterCard and Visa, and there are plenty of ATMs. So, there is no need to lose your convenience by carrying heavy wallets.

Not counting after the exchange:

 When it comes to exchanging your money at any money changer, be sure you are satisfied with exchange rates. Check online for comparisons and updates. Also, double check what you have after you exchange your money. Avoid any random street money changers who usually con the tourists. In the end, you will have a shortage of cash. So, it is better to recount money in front of them.

Not considering the traffic:

Traffic usually remains busy in Bali. It is more common in the busy southern resort places with branching routes and narrow streets like Legian, Kuta, Kerobokan and Seminyak. Most of the roads here are quite busy and narrow. When planning to go out, be sure to ask about time estimates and routes from hotel or a local. There might be a short route you may not know. It especially works when you have to catch your return flight. Also consider road safety when looking for taxi. Bring your license if you hire scooter and also wear a helmet. Even better you can book tour packages with B2B Bali travel agency to avoid the hassles of public transport.