Nov 15, 2016

Best Places to Visit in Dubai - Never Miss the Chance

Dubai is a very beautiful place for the visitors to explore in UAE which attracts public across the world. A magnificent place to devote your holidays with family or friends where ultra-rich architecture and awe-spring beauty give a glimpse of the place. Dubai has a wide variety of attractions including Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Island, Dubai creek and much more. Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the place with private beaches, resorts, Marine life and aquatic creatures. Dubai has the tallest skyscrapers and unique architecture where you can also enjoy the natural beauty, fine dining and shopping. The only place where ocean and desert are found together. In the desert of Dubai, you can enjoy the traditional dance performances, camel ride, henna tattooing and BBQ dinner. Some of the top attractions in Dubai are listed here that casts an everlasting impression on your mind to make it the best holiday destination for you.

1.     Burj Al Arab:
Burj Al Arab is the only 7-star hotel in Dubai that provides facilities for fine dining and accommodation. The hotel is the iconic symbol of the magnificent beauty of Dubai which is the most liked by the travelers. You can observe the beauty of the Dubai from the terrace which is a place to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery. The most amazing hotel features 27 floors, restaurants, bars, luxurious room and dining area where you can plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner or hi-tea. The majestic building requires a pre-registration to enter the hotel and enjoy the beauty of the city which looks beautiful during daytime as well as at night.

2.     Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall is the most amazing destination to visit, shop and enjoys at the different centers located within the Mall’s premises. Dubai mall features more over 1200 shops, an aquarium, an ice rink, the underwater zoo and activity centers for the kids. The activities organized at the mall are suitable for the children that help them to fulfill their profession’s dream. Explore the latest fashion brands & fine dining at the outlets in the air-conditioned Dubai mall. An underwater zoo and aquarium are also designed at the mall which takes you to mingle with marine as well as aquatic creatures.

3.     Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in Dubai which has 163 floors and an observatory deck at the 125th floor. Located in front of the Dubai Mall, the magnificent architecture also has a surprising fountain with many colorful projector lights. The fountain rises very high and covers the vast area from where you can enjoy the beauty of the skyscrapers. The observation deck is the place to enjoy the photography in the spectacular scenery which looks very beautiful in the moonlight. The tower is the most iconic landmark in Dubai to visit, enjoy or click photographs. Every evening, a fountain show is performed at the bottom of the tower where the colorful fountains dance to the tune of the music and present the stunning views.

4.     Dubai Museum:

Dubai Museum is the amazing location in Dubai that reflects the artifacts of the ancient as well as modern Arabic culture. The museum showcases the things that were being used in the past that include weapons, musical instruments and Bedouin tents. The ceiling of the museum is built of block, lime, mud and plaster that gives a majestic look to the building. The museum is divided into different galleries that feature the historic Arab houses, date farms, deserts and marine life.

5.     Jumeirah beach:

Jumeirah Beach is a well-known tourist destination which is built in Dubai. One of the best public beaches is located just opposite to the amazing 7-star hotel which consists a playing area for the kids. The amazing tourist destination enables you to indulge in sports activities, picnic and games. Relax the day at leisure, soaking in the sun or enjoy sports activities at the beach area. The activities include scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. The beach is a perfect area to enjoy with family or friends where many restaurants are also found for the perfect dining.

6.     Snow Park:

Snow Park is the amazing tourist attraction which takes you away from the heat of Dubai. The man-made snow park is a home for the penguins which also offers activities such as skiing, snowboarding and March of the penguins. The snow park is the unique attraction where clothing and equipment are provided to the visitors. Enjoy the real show of the penguins at the first indoor ski-Dubai which takes you to enjoy the unlimited fun and entertainment.

7.     Gold souk:

Different souks are available in Dubai but Gold Souk is the very popular place to explore ornaments such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Explore the latest designs of fashioned jewelry which is the most liked by the females. It’s really a magnificent place where you can find the latest fashion jewelry to enjoy shopping and buy souvenirs. Various designs are available at the Gold souk but the prime thing is to enjoy the shopping is to bargain for the products so that you don’t have to pay any extra amount. After bargain, you can buy the best products in Dubai at the affordable prices.

8.     Desert Safari:

Desert in Dubai is the most liked tourist destination where you can enjoy to ride in an air-conditioned vehicle. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without your visit to desert safari as it offers many opportunities to enjoy the safari ride, camel ride, henna tattooing, Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance and BBQ Dinner. Visitors can choose the safari according to their convenience like morning, evening or overnight. Enjoy the photographic opportunities in the golden sand of the desert with amazing sunset views that cast an everlasting impression on your minds. Sliding up and down in the air-conditioned vehicle gives a pleasant and memorable time to the visitors.

9.     Dubai creek:

Dubai Creek is the salt water ocean which takes you to enjoy the beauty of the modern and historic landmarks. The place is the place to have a glimpse of the amazing sites where you can stroll at the walkways or enjoy dinner at the cruise. Enjoy the beauty of the amazing place with modern and historic landmarks including Al Bastakiya, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Heritage village & Dubai Museum. During your visit, you will see the Dolphinarium which takes you to come close to the bottlenose pink Dolphins.

10.   Palm Island:

Palm Island is the amazing tourist destination in Dubai which is designed in the shape of palm tree. A fantastic place with many restaurants, spas, pools, private beaches and theme parks. At the Island, explore the major iconic attractions which give a pleasant experience to enjoy during the day as well as at night. Many bars, clubs and pubs are available on the Island to give you unlimited fun and entertainment with nightlife. The Island is an ideal place to indulge in the exciting world of leisure with amazing sunset views. 
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